Renewing Your Membership 

To renew your membership just log on onto the ADC website to edit your membership profile. There you'll find a "renew" button. Select it to get started. You can chose a variety of payment options once you start the renewal process. If you are unsure how to do this select the link below for a tutorial:

Renewing your membership

If you haven't setup a password you'll need to do that first. Than you can logon to the ADC website and edit your membership profile. Here is a link for a tutorial to assist you.

Creating a password and editing your membership profile or renewing your membership

Please note that the tutorials are not websites and you can not renew your membership through them. Print out the appropriate tutorial, lay it next to your computer and then start the internet browser on your computer.  In your browser you can renew your membership or make changes to your profile by following the instructions in the tutorial.

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