Workshop Calendar

This calendar lists all of the upcoming ADC sponsored workshops held through out Arizona.  Most are open to the public but are offered to members for a discount.

Occasionally we'll list other Non-ADC sponsored workshops of common interest to our members.

All of the workshops are displayed on either a calendar or as a list. You can switch between the two after you have selected the desired calendar.
Once you have found an event you'd like to know more about just simply select "show details". This will present all of the details and will allow you to sign up if you'd like to attend. There is also the option to automatically add this event or workshop to your Microsoft Outlook calendar if you have this installed on your computer. Select "Add this to my calendar" to do this.

Workshop Payments:

We are only selecting electronic payments for all workshops.

Workshop Disclaimer-Please click here to read

Workshop Photos

Provided is a link for a photo album displaying several photos taken during the workshops and including several examples of work created.

Workshop Reviews

Periodically members will write reviews for the various workshops they have attended. These are list on this menu.

Workshop are presented with the support of:

  • City Of Tucson
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Arizona Commission on the Arts
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Tucson Pima Arts Council
  • Arizona State University

Webmaster: Chris Eggers

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