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WORKSHOP CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel any time up to thirty days before the beginning of a workshop, you will receive a refund of the money paid, minus a $35 cancellation fee. If you cancel less than thirty days before the workshop, there will be no refund unless there is a wait list with a replacement. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Upcoming events

    • 09 Feb 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Randolph Center, Arts & Crafts, Bldg 4, 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85711
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    "Improving Your Portfolio Photographs"

    ADC is offering a one day demonstration

    Registration Opens Dec 10th.

    OVERVIEW: Arizona Designer Craftsmen is offering a really great opportunity for paid members. A demonstration with professional photographer Doug Baldwin. You are invited to bring one piece of art work to the workshop which will be professionally photographed by Doug. Please bring one table top sized piece that was created in the last 3 years. Doug will speak briefly on camera settings, camera choice, lens, and lighting. The quality of your photography when submitting work for art shows and to galleries is very important. The quality of photographs submitted to the upcoming Arizona Designer Craftsmen 60th Anniversary Exhibition at the Shemer Art Center this October 2019 was a consideration for acceptance. Don't miss a chance to get a professional photo for future exhibitions and your portfolio.

    ARTIST BIO: Doug Baldwin is a commercial product photographer. After receiving his bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he opened a commercial photography company. Since then he has created photography, designed websites, produced videos and created graphic design for a wide range of clients from individual glass artists to Fortune 599 corporations.

    Doug's Website:

    Skill Level: Beginner

    Workshop Fees: ADC Members $35

    Please read the Workshop Terms

    • 14 Feb 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 16 Feb 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Randolph Center, Arts & Crafts, Bldg 4, 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85711
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    "Recycle, Re-purpose, Reinvent"

    Sorry this work shop has filled.

    Please sign up on the wait list.

    Did you ever want to use up all of the odd bits and pieces that clutter your bench? Do you have unfinished projects, old gold or silver jewelry or scrap that you have been meaning to do something with? This three day workshop is designed to reinvent, redesign or just melt down and start over!

    Learn to repurpose old stone settings and redesign unfinished pieces to breathe new life into old work or cast an ingot and make a new work of art! Daily demos will include approaches to fusing, water casting, sand casting, ingot casting and fabrication

    Day One: Looking at pieces in a new way, considering design, what to keep and what goes! Fusing, alloying, water casting.
    Day Two: Continuing the design discussion. Combining fused elements with fabrication and forging.Combining with stone setting.
    Day Three: Flex shaft tips and tricks, cleanup and finishing. Studio time.

    BIO: She sells her work both nationally and internationally and is owner of Metalpeople East, a jewelry and hollowware studio. She has taught metalsmithing at the University of WI, Montana State University, and at craft schools throughout the country. She serves as trustee for the Society of Arts and Crafts and is a former board member of SNAG.

    SKILL LEVEL: beginner with basic soldering skills

    WORKSHOP FEES: $360 ADC Members
    Please read the Workshop Terms
    • 07 Mar 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 08 Mar 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Randolph Center, Arts & Crafts, Bldg 4, 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85711
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    "Forged Taper and Fused Frame Reticulation"

    Sorry this work shop has filled.

    Please sign up on the wait list.

    In this comprehensive workshop, we will explore the art of reticulation in silver while fusing with Argentium silver to create a jewelry piece of your choice; pendant, ring, or earrings along with your personal embellishments (i.e.: Bezel set stones, pegged pearls or dangling briolettes suggested, although Bezel setting stone setting will not be taught). Not a cookie cutter workshop...each finished piece will be uniquely yours. Learn to Roller Forge a tapered element, possibly used for bail, shank or strong design element. Emphasis on design and bails and shanks as cohesive design, rather than afterthought. Learn to melt and pour your own ingots for heavy wire tapering, or start with a length of silver wire/rod.
    Argentuim silver has some wonderful properties and a few limitations. It fuses easily. Come learn some of the tricks of this metal so you can enjoy it in your studio.

    April Bower is known for creating extremely wearable jewelry. Much of her jewelry exhibits subtle nuances of the Orient yet her jewelry pieces are visually bold and alive with color. She enjoys exploiting the juxtaposition of texture versus smooth, matte versus polish in her metalwork.  April Bower's jewelry ranges from elegant to whimsical in nature to abstract.
    April Bower also creates in an unusual yet captivating medium that she developed; patina painting.  It combines April Bower's passion for metalwork with her desire to express herself in larger works. Patina paintings are created using reactive chemicals and metal leafing on copper canvases.  April Bower shares, “Metal is an extremely versatile medium, that can be cast, stretched, pounded, welded, textured and colored; or melted down to start all over again. The possibilities in metalwork are endless.”
    While earning her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree, April Bower worked predominately in silver and her jewelry best described as uniquely creative. After teaching the art of metalsmithing to new and upcoming jewelers, April Bower apprenticed in fine jewelry where she created exquisite jewelry in gold, diamonds and faceted stones for 18 years. April Bower's creative urgings lead her to create larger works using copper as her medium due to copper's rich color and malleability. April Bower's unique copper water fountains and functional copper sculptures lead to extensive exploration in the use of patinas. Patina work actually lead April Bower back full circle to creating fun and unique jewelry in silver and teaching the art of metalworking to others.
    April Bower, her husband and cats call the small, mountain town of Pine, Arizona their home base. They have a private studio for their varied artistic careers in metalwork, jewelry, patina painting and more.
    April Bower is a Member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the American Crafts Council, and Arizona Designer Craftsmen. 
    SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate Students must have basic soldering skills, and be comfortable with a jewelers saw, filing and finishing.

    • Jewelers saw, and assorted blades, mostly 2/0 to 4/0 size
    • bench pin and clamp
    • bench block 2"x2" or larger
    • Polished planishing hammer
    • half  round file 6" or inside ring file, needle files, sanding stick or sponges
    • jewelers metal shears , side cutters
    • assorted  jewelry  pliers for forming
    • safety glasses.


    • silver scraps or casting grain for ingots 1/2 oz min
    • cab stones and appropriate width bezel wire and metal for back plate, or cups
    • Coordinating beads or briolettes to embellish so you have design options
    • burnisher or bezel pusher if you will be setting a stone
    • Flexshaft burrs and discs for  metal clean up
    • bending pliers
    • bezel mandrel
    • optivisor
    • your own clean soft solderite board to lay out and fuse and reticulate on;  6"x 6" is a good size.
    WORKSHOP FEES: $225 ADC Members
    Please read the Workshop Terms
    • 17 Apr 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 19 Apr 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Randolph Center, Arts & Crafts, Bldg 4, 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85711
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    "Fold-forming for Jewelry Making: Working Small"

    Sorry this work shop has filled.

    Please sign up on the wait list.

    This workshop is about using foldforming methods in a smaller scale, aiming for jewelry making, concentrating on techniques that work for jewelry, and the most appropriate foldforming approaches textures, shapes and designs for small work.  Bracelets, brooches and earrings are addressed.  Entrapping a gem will be shown in a foldform. In addition to lectures and demonstrations, students can choose to make a bracelet, a brooch/pendant, or a pair of earrings.  Final finishing and construction may need to be done after the class depending on the student’s skill level.

    BIO: Charles Lewton-Brain learned and worked in Germany, Canada and the United States.  His work is concerned with nature and structure.  His Jewelry and research into compositional systems for metal working has been published internationally.  He invented and disseminated foldforming, a system of working sheet metal new to the field.  Charles received Canada’s highest honor for Craft, the Saidye Bronfman Governor Generals Award.  In 1996, he co-founded the Ganoksin Project with Dr. Hanuman Aspler, now the world’s largest educational website for jewelers. He has over 1000 pages of his writing there.  
    SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
    WORKSHOP FEES: $420 ADC Members
    Please read the Workshop Terms
    • 15 May 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 17 May 2020
    • 5:00 PM
    • Randolph Center, Arts & Crafts, Bldg 4, 200 S Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85711
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    "Embellishing Jewelry with Handmade Prong Settings"

    Sorry this work shop has filled.

    Please sign up on the wait list.

    Through fabrication methods and proper soldering techniques, students will learn how to create a wire prong setting to trap objects in their jewelry.  You will learn a variety of soldering techniques (such as sheet & wire applique, open filigree wire work, and simple kinetics) which will help students add surprising and delightful details to their work.  Many short cuts, tips & tricks, and techniques will be covered as we go along!  Soldering small to large components will be a major part of the class. You should be prepared with ideas of jewelry designs you want to complete, or the instructor can give you some ideas.

    Please note:  You will only be using a torch with two gases in this class, such as the Smith Little Torch.  Be prepared to have a mind-blowing experience time working with this tool.


    Johanna received an A.A.S. in Jewelry Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1997.  Joanna has been a self – employed studio jeweler for 20 years, selling her work at craft & jewelry galleries and fine craft shows in the US.  Joanna has authored four books on making jewelry and her work has been included in numerous publications, such as Metalsmith Magazine, Ornament Magazine, 20th Century Jewelers, and 500 Wedding Rings.  She teaches jewelry making for metalsmithing groups,, and craft schools, such as Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont, and Haystack Craft School.

    SKILL LEVEL: Beginner with basic soldering skills
    WORKSHOP FEES: $350 ADC Members
    Please read the Workshop Terms

Past events

25 Jan 2020 ALISON ANTELMAN - “Tubing Technical: An Exploration in Fabrication"
04 Jan 2020 BARBARA SEIDENATH - "Take a Dip – Working with Liquid enamels"
16 Nov 2019 PATTIE PARKHURST-"Creating anticlastic earrings inspired by nature"
12 Oct 2019 DANNY WADE - "Stamped Pendant"
21 Sep 2019 Social Gathering and Tool Swap
01 Aug 2019 ADC 60th Anniversary Exhibition “In the Present”
01 Jun 2019 One Day Demostration: "Improving Your Portfolio Photographs"
04 May 2019 ADC Phoenix Spring Networking Potluck
03 May 2019 BETTE BARNETT "Steel & Gold - A Love Story"
13 Apr 2019 MARY CHUDUK "And Now for Something Completely Different: Experimental Enameling & Raku" Workshop
09 Mar 2019 DOUG BALDWIN "Photographing Your Art"
08 Mar 2019 Call to Artist - Return to Tubac
01 Mar 2019 DEB KARASH "Pin Me"
09 Feb 2019 CHARITY HALL "Traditional & Alternative Settings"
11 Jan 2019 PAULETTE WERGER "Keumboo and More! Design Intensive - Earrings, Rings, Chain and Keumboo"
07 Dec 2018 LOIS MANNO "Modeling Glass a New Way To Create"
10 Nov 2018 LEXI ERICKSON "Your Personal Totem"
13 Oct 2018 ROBERT LOPEZ "What's The Catch?"
07 Sep 2018 2nd Annual ADC Call to Artists: INSPIRE 2018
20 Apr 2018 ROY TALAHAFTEWA "Silver Belt Buckles with a Southwest Flair"
09 Mar 2018 JAN HARRELL "Screen Printing for Enamelists"
03 Mar 2018 JOHN COGSWELL "Stone Setting - the Bezel Revisited"
23 Feb 2018 ADC Call to Artists: INSPIRE
13 Jan 2018 PAULETTE WERGER " The Chain Gang: Unusual Chains & Links"
11 Nov 2017 WOLFGANG VAATZ "Why Does Some Artwork Feel Just Right? Using the Language of Art to Express Jewelry Design"
14 Oct 2017 ROBERT LOPEZ "Archaic Alchemy Cuff"
29 Apr 2017 ROY TALAHAFTEWA "Shadow Box the Hopi Way" 3 DAY WORKSHOP
08 Apr 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-April 2017 Other Mediums Entry
08 Apr 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-April 2017 Jewerly Entry
08 Apr 2017 Paulette Werger - "Unusual Materials, Unconventional Settings Workshop" 2 Day Workshop
11 Mar 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-March 2017 Other Mediums Entry
11 Mar 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-March 2017 Jewerly Entry
10 Mar 2017 ANNE HAVEL "Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners" 3 DAY WORKSHOP
18 Feb 2017 ANDY COOPERMAN "It Ain’t Just a Drill: Getting the Most Out of Your Flex Shaft" 2 DAY WORKSHOP
11 Feb 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-February 2017 Other Mediums Entry
11 Feb 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-February 2017 Jewerly Entry
03 Feb 2017 Alice Benvie-Gebhart "The Southwestern Landscape"
14 Jan 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-January 2017 Other Mediums Entry
14 Jan 2017 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-January 2017 Jewerly Entry
13 Jan 2017 JAYNE REDMAN - "Making Multiples – Blanking Dies and Pattern Development" 3 DAY WORKSHOP
07 Jan 2017 JOHN TZELEPIS "Boxes and Hinges" 2 DAY WORKSHOP
10 Dec 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-December 2016 Other Mediums Entry
10 Dec 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-December 2016 Jewerly Entry
19 Nov 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-November 2016 Other Mediums Entry
19 Nov 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-November 2016 Jewerly Entry
18 Nov 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair Announcement
04 Nov 2016 ERIC BURRIS "Small Scale Mokume-Gane" 3 DAY WORKSHOP
15 Oct 2016 SAM PATANIA "Carved Silver Bracelet Workshop" 2 DAY WORKSHOP
08 Oct 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-October 2016 Jewerly Entry
08 Oct 2016 Uncommon Markets/ADC Art Fair-October 2016 Other Mediums Entry
09 Jul 2016 DOUG BALDWIN - "Photographing your Art" Workshop
14 May 2016 JEFF FULKERSON "Stone on Stone"
29 Apr 2016 ROY TALAHAFTEWA "Classic Hopi Jewelry Tufa Casting" 3-day Workshop
08 Apr 2016 JEANIE PRATT "Designs in Woven Metal" 3-Day Workshop
19 Mar 2016 JOHN COGSWELL "Marriage of Metal" 2-Day Workshop
29 Jan 2016 MIGUEL UNSON " Chaos & Control" 3-Day Glass Workshop
21 Nov 2015 MARY CHUDUK "Enameling Hollow Copper Beads" 2-Day Workshop
24 Oct 2015 HAROLD O'CONNOR "Reticulation of Silver & Intro to Silver Granulation" 2-Day Workshop
26 Sep 2015 JONI KISRO "Big & Bold Chain Making" 2-Day Workshop
12 Sep 2015 Call to Artists - 2nd Annual Juried Art & Fine Craft Show
07 Aug 2015 Call to Artists - Krikawa Jewerly Designs
16 May 2015 CAROL WEBB "Etching: 3D Imagery in Metal" 2-Day Workshop
16 May 2015 CONNIE FOX - Maker Magic: How to Develop Your Voice Designing Art Jewelry
11 Apr 2015 Call for Artists at Krikawa Jewelry Art Gallery - "ENLIGHTENMENT"
10 Apr 2015 ROY TALAHAFTEWA "Classic Hopi Jewelry Tufa Casting" Workshop
04 Apr 2015 MARLA HATTABAUGH - Surface Design for Fibers and Textiles
28 Mar 2015 DOUG BALDWIN - "Photographing your Art" Workshop
20 Mar 2015 NANCY MEGAN CORWIN "Survey of Chasing and Repousse" Lecture
20 Mar 2015 NANCY MEGAN CORWIN "Chasing and Repousse" Workshop
28 Feb 2015 SAM PATANIA "Overlay Bracelet with Bezeled Stone"
14 Feb 2015 CHARITY HALL "Textures: Surfaces and Settings" Workshop
12 Feb 2015 CHARITY HALL Visiting Artist Lecture
31 Jan 2015 MARY HETTMANSPERGER "Torch Fired: Embedded Surfaces & Tab Bezels" Workshop
23 Jan 2015 RICHARD PARRISH "Tapestry:The Integration of Idea, Design, Color, Pattern & Technique" Glass Workshop
01 Jan 2015 2015 Exhibition Opportunity: "Changing Tides"
22 Nov 2014 SAM PATANIA Stone Setting Series:"Prong Mount Making & Setting" Workshop
01 Nov 2014 Deadline for Submission to "Changing Tides" Exhibition
01 Nov 2014 RODGER LaBRASH "Forging Flowers"
25 Oct 2014 INGRID DONALDSON "Focus on Filigree" Workshop
17 Oct 2014 CAROL WEBB "Designing for 3D Etching: Imagery & Space in Metal
04 Oct 2014 Annual Fall Potluck
04 Oct 2014 SAM PATANIA Stone Setting Series: "Faceted Stone Bezel Making & Setting" Workshop
13 Sep 2014 SAM PATANIA Stone Setting Series:"Cabochon Bezel Making & Setting" Workshop
16 Aug 2014 Central Chapter: August Board meeting
08 Jun 2014 2014 Board meeting
24 May 2014 BECKY McDONAH "Pressure & the Hydraulic Press"
17 May 2014 SAM PATANIA "Secrets of Notched Frame Construction"
11 Apr 2014 ROY TALAHAFTEWA "The Classic Hopi Overlay Technique"
29 Mar 2014 JEANNE FELLOW "Create LumenArt & Wall Sculptures"
23 Mar 2014 March Meeting: Demo from Jen Cushman
15 Mar 2014 JOHN COGSWELL "Forging Focus: 2 Days, 2 Bracelets"
28 Feb 2014 BARBARA MINOR "Experimental Enamel Surfaces: Inlay Techniquesl"
01 Feb 2014 RICHARD LA LONDE "Fused Glass Art & Technique"
31 Jan 2014 Visiting Artist Lecture: RICHARD LA LONDE "My Glass Ceiling"
25 Jan 2014 January Meeting: Tea Party Potluck (Alice Style)
18 Jan 2014 METALINK: MARK RAMSOUR "Our Recent Visit to India"
23 Nov 2013 FRED ZWEIG "Fibula, Fibulae, Fibulorum"
02 Nov 2013 INGRID DONALDSON "Keum Boo & Depletion Gilding"
12 Oct 2013 6th Annual Fall Potluck
28 Sep 2013 METALINK: SAM PATANIA "Notched Frame Construction"
15 Jun 2013 Summer Glass Fusing with Elements Workshop
27 Apr 2013 KEN BOVA "Dip, Dry, Draw & Fire: Working with Liquid Enamel"
26 Apr 2013 Metal, Stone & Wood exhibit at Tohono Chul Park
13 Apr 2013 CINDY MOORE - "Flash of Silver Hinged Bracelet"
16 Mar 2013 CHARITY HALL "The Brooch Approach"
15 Mar 2013 ELEANOR MOTY Visiting Artist Lecture "Recent Works"
09 Mar 2013 FRED ZWEIG "Patinas: How To Add Color To Your Work"
02 Mar 2013 BETTY HELEN LONGHI "Fold Forming with Shell Forming"
27 Feb 2013 BETTY HELEN LONGHI 2nd Workshop - "Fold Forming with Shell Forming"
16 Feb 2013 CYNTHIA EID "Microfolding & Corrugation"
16 Feb 2013 ANDY COOPERMAN "Creative Surface Development"
15 Feb 2013 ANDY COOPERMAN Visiting Artist Lecture "Jewelry, Objects & A Little Ping Pong"
02 Feb 2013 DONALD A. STUART "Inlay, Surface Embellishments & Cuttlebone Casting""
01 Feb 2013 DONALD A. STUART "My Work OR A Canadian Lost in the Desert"Visiting Artist Lecture
26 Jan 2013 FRED ZWEIG Metalink Presentation:"Jewelry Tips From Your Horticulturist"OR "How To Add Color to Your Work"
16 Nov 2012 ADC Holiday Show at the Tucson Museum of Art
10 Nov 2012 METALINK - HESSEN IRON WORKS/ Steve Grater
03 Nov 2012 SAM PATANIA "Overlay Technique"
20 Oct 2012 5th Annual Fall Potluck
14 Oct 2012 Scottsdale Arts Festival
13 Oct 2012 LYNETTE ANDREASEN "Earrings"
12 Oct 2012 LYNETTE ANDREASEN "Invented Heirlooms"
24 Sep 2012 2012 ADC Craftsmanship Show
22 Sep 2012 FRED ZWEIG "The Ancient Art of Granulation"
15 Sep 2012 KEN BOVA "40 Penny Nail Chopstix Hammer & Skin Deep: Surface Treatment for Jewelers"
01 Sep 2012 METALINK - PAM CHOTT/Song of the Phoenix "Etched in Stone"
02 Jun 2012 FRED ZWEIG "The Gentle Art of Tapping/Nunome Zogan/ Japanese Damascene"
22 May 2012 ADC/MAC SNAG Conference Days Demo Session D
22 May 2012 ADC/MAC SNAG Conference Days Demo Session C
21 May 2012 ADC/MAC SNAG Conference Days Demo Session B
21 May 2012 ADC/MAC SNAG Conference Days Demo Session A
19 May 2012 MARILYN & JACK da SILVA "Color & Form in Metal"
18 May 2012 DAVID HUANG "Vessel Chasing with Microcrystalline Wax"
12 May 2012 NC BLACK Hand and Hammer Engraving with Master Engraver LES BRYANT
26 Apr 2012 Call for Entries - Tohono Chul Park - Mesquite Art Show
21 Apr 2012 METALINK - THE CHAIN GANG shows Kumihimo
14 Apr 2012 ADC PARTY To Honor JOHN COGSWELL hosted by The Glovers
14 Apr 2012 JOHN COGSWELL "Rings X 2"
17 Mar 2012 JOE & BETTY HARRIS "Bench Tricks"
10 Mar 2012 CINDY MOORE "Cuttlebone Casting"
18 Feb 2012 TIM LAZURE "Rings 360 Degrees"
17 Feb 2012 Visiting Artist Lecture TIM LAZURE on "His recent Work"
03 Feb 2012 Call for Entries - 2012 All AZ Clay Juried Exhibition
27 Jan 2012 TONY GLANDER "Screen Printing on Glass"
14 Jan 2012 PAULETTE WERGER "Making Your Mark: Surface Embellishment & Etching"
17 Dec 2011 ADC HOLIDAY PARTY hosted by Pat & Terry Glover
05 Nov 2011 BILL SEELEY "All Things Niobium"
22 Oct 2011 METALINK - PAT GLOVER "Hollow Forms in Jewelry"
15 Oct 2011 FRED ZWEIG "Lidded Container"
24 Sep 2011 METALINK - FRED ZWEIG "The Art of Making Hinges"
04 Jun 2011 KRISTI GLICK - "Textures & Layered Pendants"
03 Jun 2011 KRISTI GLICK - Presentation
15 May 2011 The Business of Art - Everything You Want to Know About Marketing Materials
14 May 2011 SARAH PERKINS "Line in Enamel"
13 May 2011 Slides under the Stars
06 May 2011 MICHAEL CROFT - Automata presentation
20 Mar 2011 The Business of Art - The ABCs of Websites and Social Media
19 Mar 2011 FRED ZWEIG "Repousse & Chasing"
12 Mar 2011 Keith Horst - “LEARN TO BE A ROCK STAR" - 2-Day Lapidary Workshop
12 Mar 2011 CINDY MOORE "Woven Wire Rings & Bracelets"
04 Mar 2011 BETTY HELEN LONGHI "A Fresh Look at Spiculums"
20 Feb 2011 The Business of Art - Branding, Logos, Business Cards & Brochures
19 Feb 2011 ANDY COOPERMAN "Jewelers Tips & Tricks"
12 Feb 2011 HELEN BLYTHE-HART "Heat Zone II & Review"
05 Feb 2011 REBECA MOJICA "Short Talk & Book Signing"
04 Feb 2011 HELEN BLYTHE-HART - "Evolution of the Artist" - FREE LECTURE
28 Jan 2011 GIL REYNOLDS "Thermal Formed Glass"
23 Jan 2011 The Artist’s Way Discussion/Support Group-Tucson
23 Jan 2011 The Business of Art - Creating a Business Plan
15 Jan 2011 FRED ZWEIG "Forging Collars"
10 Dec 2010 Phoenix Location - Micro Forming Earrings - NC BLACK
05 Dec 2010 2011 State Board meeting
27 Nov 2010 Micro Forming Earrings - NC BLACK
20 Nov 2010 BECKY McDONAH "Righteous Reliquaries for Ordinary Objects"
13 Nov 2010 PAULINE WARG "Making Metal Beads"
12 Nov 2010 PAULINE WARG Visiting Artist Lecture
06 Nov 2010 METALINK - Pat Glover "Making A Shell Formed Bead"
16 Oct 2010 LISA SLOVIS MANDEL "Hydraulic Press with Pewter"
15 Oct 2010 LISA SLOVIS MANDEL Visiting Artist lecture
02 Oct 2010 4th Annual Fall Potluck
11 Sep 2010 MARK RAMSOUR " Jewelry Finishing & Findings 101"
07 Sep 2010 Craftsmanship - 4th Annual ADC Juried Exhibition
11 Jul 2010 Craftsmanship - 2nd Annual ADC Juried Exhibition
11 Jul 2010 Craftsmanship - 2nd Annual ADC Juried Exhibition
03 Jul 2010 LINDA DARTY "Setting Enamels: Beyond Bezels"
11 Jun 2010 50th Anniversary Juried Exhibition
15 May 2010 METALINK - Jay & Bob Humphreys on Kaleidoscopes
07 May 2010 Slides under the Stars
01 May 2010 LINDA DARTY "Setting Enamels: Beyond Bezels"
25 Apr 2010 June 2009 - Southern Chapter Board meeting
10 Apr 2010 JOHN COGSWELL "Heart + Hand + Hammer: Fold-forming for Jewelry Applications"
03 Apr 2010 METALINK - FRED ZWEIG "Raising A Bowl"
20 Mar 2010 METALINK - KATHIE FROEDE "Making End Caps for Glass Beads"
20 Mar 2010 JOAN DULLA "Crocheting with Wire - A New Technique"
19 Mar 2010 JOAN DULLA "Crocheted Wire Work" Lecture
06 Mar 2010 MARY ANN NEISZ "Chain Making: Old & New"
20 Feb 2010 BOB EBENDORF "Jewelry As Personal Adornment"
19 Feb 2010 BOB EBENDORF Lecture "Lost & Found: Good as Gold"
06 Feb 2010 MARILYN NICHOLSON "Hand-Made Catches & Mechanisms"
29 Jan 2010 KARI MINNICK "The Glass Onion: Layers of Imagery & Text for Kilnformed Glass"
23 Jan 2010 Demystifying Critique II with Simon Donovan
16 Jan 2010 Metalink - Charity Hall "Bug Jewelry: Incorporating Insect Specimens and Parts"
05 Dec 2009 ANN TURPIN THAYER - "Wire Wrap Jewelry"
21 Nov 2009 TEDD McDONAH - "Mokume-Gane"
21 Nov 2009 FRED ZWEIG - "Matrimony of Metal: A Union that Won't Come Apart"
20 Nov 2009 TEDD McDONAH - "Mokume-Gane" Resident Artist Lecture
24 Oct 2009 JORGA RIGGENBACH - "Promote Yourself With Digital Photography: An Artist's Guide"
17 Oct 2009 Metalink - Pat Glover "Designing & Fabricating A Small Metal Cone"
10 Oct 2009 3rd Annual Fall Potluck & 50th Anniversary Celebration
10 Oct 2009 JONNA FAULKNER - "Techniques in Silver Metal Clay: Building a Complex Panel Bracelet"
03 Oct 2009 DIANE ECHNOZ ALMEYDA - "Pierced Plique-A-Jour Enameling"
02 Oct 2009 DIANE ECHNOZ ALMEYDA - "Pierced Plique-A-Jour Enameling" Lecture
19 Sep 2009 METALINK - OAXACA CHAIN Demo by Jeanne
07 Jun 2009 June 2009 - Southern Chapter Board meeting
30 May 2009 Demystifying Critique - Simon Donovan
17 May 2009 Create Your Own Website: An Artist's Guide - Martin Riggenbach
16 May 2009 Promote Yourself with Photography: An Artist's Guide - Jorga Riggenbach
15 May 2009 Slides under the Stars
18 Apr 2009 Yehuda Tassa - "Yemenite Filigree"
11 Apr 2009 METALINK - MARK RAMSOUR "More Bench Tips & Tricks"
29 Mar 2009 March Board meeting
28 Mar 2009 Lindly Haunani - "Color Inspirations in Polymer Clay"
21 Mar 2009 METALINK SOUTH - MARTHA SHELDON "Recession Jewelry"
21 Mar 2009 METALINK SOUTH - MARTHA SHELDON "Recession Jewelry"
14 Mar 2009 R. Scott Cole - "Kaleidoscope Design & Construction"
13 Mar 2009 Visiting Artist Lecture - Scott Cole "Kaleidoscopes"
21 Feb 2009 Michael Hosaluk - "Woodturning"
21 Feb 2009 Nancy Worden - "Cold Connections"
20 Feb 2009 NANCY WORDEN Visiting Artist Lecture
14 Feb 2009 Sharon Church - "Carving"
14 Feb 2009 Joan Hubbard - "Hinges"
07 Feb 2009 Ricky Frank - "Cloisonne Enameling"
31 Jan 2009 Kristen Beeler - "Modular Casting Techniques"
30 Jan 2009 Shirley Webster - "Dichroic Glass A to Z"
17 Jan 2009 Helen Blythe-Hart - "Heat Zone"
16 Jan 2009 Helen Blythe-Hart Lecture "Evolution of A Metal Artist"
22 Nov 2008 Metalink: Diane Egbert--21st Century Design
15 Nov 2008 Tom McCarthy - "Jewelry With Moving Parts"
08 Nov 2008 Business Law for Artists Workshop
01 Nov 2008 Connie Fox - "Charms, Dangles, Bells & Whistles"
18 Oct 2008 METALINK - PAT GLOVER "Pins & Catches: One Example"
16 Oct 2008 Creative Capital Foundation-Artist's workshop
11 Oct 2008 2nd Annual Fall Potluck
04 Oct 2008 2008 Fall State Board Meeting
27 Sep 2008 Joan Dulla - "Niobium & Cold Connections"
22 Sep 2008 Craftsmanship - 2nd Annual ADC Juried Exhibition
13 Sep 2008 METALINK - Charity Hall on "Tube Setting & Chased Settings"
24 Aug 2008 August Board meeting
23 Aug 2008 METALINK - "New Chain" Demonstration
28 Jun 2008 Metalink Workshop - Threads, Nuts and Bolts in Small Scale
27 Jun 2008 TCA Gallery
22 Jun 2008 Board meeting
30 May 2008 Fred Zweig lecture
18 May 2008 Board meeting
17 May 2008 SET IN STONE - Exhibit
16 May 2008 ADC website introduction
07 May 2008 Slides under the Stars
03 May 2008 Contemporary Enameling - Linda Darty
02 May 2008 Lecture Contemporary Enameling - Linda Darty
12 Apr 2008 Forging - John Cogswell
29 Mar 2008 "Automata" Workshop - MICHAEL CROFT - Second Session
15 Mar 2008 "Automata" Workshop - MICHAEL CROFT - First Session
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