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Since I can remember I have always had more than a passion for jewelry (probably an obsession!). I loved the sparkle and needed to know “how did they make that?”.

But studying art wasn’t an option… then in 2004 I made a big change in my life when I closed my business (A Children’s Travel Camp Summer Program) and began to pursue my dream and started studying Jewelry Making and Design in New York.

In May 2011 my husband and I decided to permanently move to Cave Creek, Arizona from NY. Designing jewelry in the desert has inspired me to do things differently. Since all my designs are made in wax first (I think I dream in wax!), texture and nature tend to influence me easily and help my designs evolve. My textures sometimes actually come from the impression of an object onto my wax or sometimes, even casting the actual object such as lace or pasta or leaves and pea pods in combination with the wax to form pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry signifies my passion for life! I am always excited to see how something is made… how it evolves…stones combined with textures and different metals tell a different story! That story relates to an emotion, and to me, each piece of jewelry I make represents an emotion or mood I feel and hope my customer will feel that too when they wear my jewelry! That is what I set out to do each time I create a new design. A new story is told with each piece I make… and I love meeting with the people who look at my jewelry, so I can share that story with them and inspire them! I want the people who wear my designs to be as excited as I am each time they put it on!


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